Welcome To Morphonets!

Morphonets is an open, community-driven effort to provide ImageJ-based tools for generation, visualization, quantification, and modeling of neuroanatomical data. The tools we create are leveraged by the powerful stack of Scijava-based software. Our immediate focus is cellular neuroscience, but the software we develop has been successfully applied to other areas of the biosciences.


Currently, two major projects are being developed under the Morphonets umbrella:


All projects are available in Fiji by means of two update sites: Neuroanatomy and SciView:

  1. Run the Fiji Updater (Help › Update…, the penultimate entry in Fiji’s Help> menu)
  2. Click Manage update sites
  3. Select the Neuroanatomy and SciView checkboxes
  4. Click Apply changes and Restart

Problems? Have a look at the full details.

Getting Involved

Contact us on GitHub or the Forum